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I’m Heidi Kokborg

I help small businesses create scroll-stopping copy for their brand - just like you

I work with small brands just like you who are ready to uplevel their business with amazing copy and content - because you deserve to shine your brightest! Whether you are looking to vamp up your website copy or you want to create a learning hub chock full of blog posts, guides and templates, I’m your girl!

With a background in journalism, you are in safe hands. I started my business in 2021, and let me tell ya, it’s been a whirlwind! Not only have I worked with incredible clients, such as Inika Superfoods, Scan Magazine, The Mortgage Whānau, SELF_ and, I also moved halfway across the world. Yup, that’s right, I moved all the way from Denmark to New Zealand to be with my partner.

Now that we're done with the boring CV-kind-of-stuff, let’s get to know each other a bit more. I love hiking, camping, being active and coffee (I’m not a Scandinavian for nothing!). You are much more likely to find me reading a book and munching on candy on a Friday night than on the dance floor. I love early mornings and struggle to stay up after 9pm. Oh, and I’m a Scorpio in case you’re wondering (I’m not sure why this is important exactly, but apparently asking people for their zodiac sign is the new black, so there ya go!).

My mission

To help you create the best copy and content for your brand through strategic storytelling and market research sprinkled with your brand voice (yup, I can help you find that too).

Step one

The very first thing you need to do is browse my service and reach out to me. Don’t see what you need in my services? Fear not, I can do pretty much any writing related task, and I can customise my services to fit you.

Step two

Great! You’re on board. Let’s get this show started. I’ll do in-depth interviews with you to really understand your brand. Then I’ll do market research, and then it’s time for the fun part: Writing!

Step three

I then send you all your brand new copy (yes, you can edit), and you’re good to go!

Heidi is a highly talented and reliable writer. She knows how to connect with our readers and always delivers informative and engaging content. We consider Heidi as our main partner for blog posts and articles for the website.

Kasper Møller,

Get to know me a bit more…

Okay, still don’t feel like you fully know me (even though I told you I’m a Scorpio?!). Alright, I hear you. Here’s a little fun list of things you may not know about me.

Things you may not know about me:

  • While I love being social and connecting with people, at heart I’m an introvert. I can spend days on end by myself

  • I’m originally from Denmark, but now live in New Zealand

  • I love hiking - New Zealand truly is a hiker’s paradise

  • I used to teach a lot of yoga back in the day (I still love yoga, but no longer teach it)

  • I love roadtripping, camping, and being in nature

  • One day I want a home with a library and a ladder (very Bell styled from Beauty and the Beast)

  • I’m obsessed with skincare, like really obsessed. It’s almost a disease… I think it stems from years of battling acne

  • I don’t have a favourite season - I genuinely love every season

  • I’m surprised to say that I’m now one of those people that are into investing (who am I even?!). My partner has a lot to do with this - and Girls that Invest (seriously, go follow her right now)

  • My partner and I met in Sri Lanka (of all places, I know), travelled to Bali together and well, here we are