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I was living in London when I first learned the word bold (English is my second language). My old editor and I were sitting at a coffee shop right by the office. It was the end of my internship, and she was kind enough to take a moment to sit down with me.

I don’t remember much of our conversation as it was many years ago. But, there is one thing I remember, and it is something I have lived by ever since. She described me as bold. Exactly why she described me as bold is unfortunately also lost somewhere in my brain along with the rest of the conversation.

But I kept that word with me. Bold.

Looking back at my life I can definitely see that I am quite a bold person. I moved to London for the above mentioned internship shortly after my first partner passed away. Not because I wasn’t grieving, but because I knew I wanted to keep living, and I knew deep in my soul he wanted me to keep living. And I knew my grief would turn into a big black hole of depression that I might not be able to get out off if I stayed in our old apartment. I had a to make a bold move, even though I was in pain and deep grief.

When I graduated journalism school and saw a job opportunity in Germany I was quick to take it. And I guess you also have to have a certain amount of boldness when you decide to start your own business. A lot actually.

It is the same boldness I tapped into when I decided to travel the world and later when I decided to move to New Zealand to be with my boyfriend. Of course, at the root of all my decisions are faith. Faith that everything will work out just fine and everything will unfold exactly how it is meant to me. I deeply trust that. BUT, all of these endeavours also require boldness.

I think in order to get anywhere in this world, you have to be bold. You have to be bold enough to reach out to that amazing networking group you would love to join. Be bold enough to send an email to the brand you are dying to work with. DM your favourite influencer on Instagram. Book that trip. Start that business. Go to that yoga class. Always wanted to learn how to surf? Go book a beginner’s class. Want to paint? Well, go buy a canvas, brushes and paint. Want to date someone? Take the first step and ask them out. Love someone? Tell them.

I could go on for pages, but I think you get the picture. You have to be bold, which naturally also requires you to be vulnerable (Brené Brown talks extensively about this). You have to be okay with failure too. You have to learn how to be okay with things not working out.

I have been rejected more times than I can count to. In business, in life, in love… But I never stop putting myself on the line and being bold. Why? Because I believe that’s where the magic happens. That’s where happiness, faith and joy is. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself into the deep end of the pool.

And while we’re at it. Let’s talk about rejection for a moment. I believe rejection makes us stronger. It makes us more humble. It makes us work harder. It tests us. But do not let rejection stop you. Dust yourself off, and get back up. Sometimes dusting yourself off takes a minute, other times it takes a bit longer. But at some point you have to get up and dust yourself off and move on to the next thing.

Imagine If J.K. Rowling had been defeated by the rejections she received – for those who don’t know, she was rejected many times before a publisher eventually believed in Harry Potter. Many publishers told her that children simply weren’t into wizards. Imagine how those people are feeling now! Her story just goes to prove that you shouldn’t give up because of rejection.

If you look at many of the world’s most successful companies, almost all of them have been close to bankruptcy at some point in time. I mean, Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company at one time before they eventually brought him back. I bet a lot of people that came up with some of the greatest inventions of all time, were laughed at when they first shared their idea with others.

You simply cannot let rejection stop you. You have to be persistent. Bold. Keep believing that there is something better around the corner. And if you can find a way to let your rejections fuel you, all the better. I sometimes make it into a competition. How many rejection letters can I get? Because the more rejection letters I get, the more bold I am. The more I am putting myself out there.

So be bold. Whether it’s applying for a job, joining a running club, going to a dance class, starting a business, taking a trip somewhere – just go do it.