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Childlike Wonder

One thing I admire about children is their curiosity. Most children are extremely curious, and they follow that curiosity. They have this innocent childlike wonder about them. Something I believe adults can learn a lot from. Adults have a tendency to be rather practical and be a bit too much in our heads. We ruminate on the past and worry about the future, whereas children are living in the present moment.

I believe that if we carry that childlike wonder and curiosity into adulthood, life becomes so much more interesting. I know for myself that my life is much more fun, fulfilling and interesting when I follow my curiosity and have a sense of childlike wonder. I love people who embrace their inner child – perhaps because I can be rather childlike myself at times.

I spent many years of my life being extremely serious and disciplined, but when I left the Ashtanga yoga community, started my own business and decided to travel the world, something shifted. I started taking life a little less seriously, I began following my curiosity and taking more chances. I had close to zero dollars in my bank account, when I started my business. When I decided to buy a one way ticket to the Maldives, my business was still very new, and I honestly didn’t have much of a plan. All I knew was that I wanted to travel more and I was curious to see much more of the world.

Had I been practical and a much more sensible person, I probably wouldn’t have done this (I often do things and hope for the best). I think most people thought I was crazy, but as one of my favourite poets Atticus says: you have to live close enough to madness to burn your eyelashes. And we mustn’t forget that all the best people are bonkers (extra points to the person that knows where this is from). Had I not decided to start my own business and travel, my life would look very different. I would have missed out on beautiful, soul deep connections and amazing friendships. I would have never met my partner and moved to New Zealand. I would have missed out on all of the beautiful moments I have had and continue to have.

I can’t tell you where your curiosity will lead you, but I can promise you that it will be an interesting place. I love how Elizabeth Gilbert talks about following your curiosity in her book Big Magic. In her book she talks about living a creative life where you follow your curiosity. She shares a story about how she all of a sudden found herself curious about gardening and how that ultimately led to her book The Signature of All Things. She did not have a passion for gardening. It was just a small seed of curiosity that she decided to follow and look where it took her.

And listen, you don’t have to drastically change your life. You don’t have to start a business, book a one way flight to the Maldives and move to New Zealand. You can do it in your everyday life. Not everything has to be grand or wild, but by all means go for wild and grand adventures too!

Childlike wonder can also be seeing a colourful boutique and taking the time to browse. It can be sitting in a coffee shop and people watch. You would be surprised how much inspiration you get from just observing people. How they act, how they dress, what they do… It could also be taking another route to work. It could be going to a new yoga class because it sounds fun. Or going to an exhibition at a museum. If there is even a glimpse of curiosity, go follow that. Sometimes it leads to a cul-de-sac, but other times it leads to the most magical places.

When we start following our curiosity and living more with childlike wonder, we become happier. More present. Just take a look at children. They have this beautiful sense of wonderment and curiosity, and they don’t dwell on things. In their eyes everything is new and exciting. They play in rain, snow and sunshine. We can do that too. There is no reason why we can’t keep that sense of childlike wonder and curiosity as we grow older.

So go get lost in a city. Take a different route to work. Run a new track. Curious about something? Go explore it. You might be surprised at the amazing places your curiosity will take you.